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Vintage Textiles


India was the world’s foremost centre  of textile production until the European Industrial revolution. Here were communities and castes living side by side, at peace – and expressing their differences through colour and textiles. No other land use to enjoy such a profusion of creative energies for the production of textiles as India. The interaction of peoples- invaders , indigenous tribes, traders and explorers –  has built a complex culture legendary for its vitality and colours. Today, over ten million weavers, dyers, embroiders and spinners throughout India contribute their handmade textiles to its melting pot.

The colours and style of embellishment of textiles are dictated by climatic and cultural factors and in areas which heretofore had rich and courtly patrons , sophisticated textiles of complex technique and design have evolved over the centuries from original style.

Each caste passes on unchanged from generation to generation its own distinct designs , colours and range of stiches which, together with the cut of garment and their own particular tie and dye and block printed designs, form the major visuals part of caste’s cultural identity. The designs and motifs are inspired by the indigenous flora and fauna and local mythology.

At Ganesh Emporium, we have one of the biggest collections of vintage hand-embroidered Indian textiles comprising baby cradle cloth, door hangings, wall hangings, bags, folk pieces, and collectibles.

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