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Pichwai (also pichavai, pichhhavai, and pichhwai) is a traditional and exquisite form of art that originates from the culturally rich state of Rajasthan in India...

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Vintage Textiles

India was the world’s foremost centre of textile production until the European Industrial revolution. Here were communities and castes living side by side, at peace...

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Miniature Painting

Rajasthan is one of the pioneer seats of miniature paintings in India. This art form evolved here in the Marwar-Mewar region as textual illustrations to the...

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Pashminas has been a symbol of sophistication and royalty for all. Owning a genuine Pashmina is a dream for its lovers. Its elegance can transform any ordinary dress into...

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Inlay Furniture

At Ganesh Emporium, you will find an artful assortment of inlay furniture that perfectly captures the essence of this elegant craft. Inlay furniture is broadly...

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Cushions, Bedcovers & Rugs

Experience the enchanting blend of ethnicity and elegance with Rajasthani cushions, bedcovers, and rugs, the epitome of captivating home décor. These exquisite covers effortlessly integrate into your sitting...

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Vintage Wooden Artifacts & Doors

Ganesh Emporium in Rajasthan beckons art lovers and enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a world of timeless beauty and craftsmanship...